Laser vision correction is increasingly recognised as an excellent way to correct "refractive disorders," or problems of the eye whereby the cornea is reshaped to focus light properly on the retina. Refractive surgery is an important and growing market, as over half the world's population suffers from refractive disorders.

The current trend in refractive laser surgery is that of 'customised or personalised surgery,' which has a more precise method of diagnosis and delivers a more accurate treatment for each eye.

The Jersey Vision Correction laser, the CustomVis Pulzar Z1, is one of the world's most advanced laser for refractive surgery. It is a solid state laser which is permanently situated in Jersey, making it more predictable and reliable.

CustomVis Pulzar Z1 is designed specifically for this custom surgery market.

The PULZAR Z1 system uses a patented solid-state technology, permitting surgeons to treat more patients, with greater accuracy, and also to treat patients that other technologies may be unable to treat.

It includes:

A solid state laser engine eliminating the need for toxic gases.

No warm up time and no gas storage problems.

213nm Wavelength producing a clean, smooth ablated surface with minimal thermal effect and collateral damage. No need for hydration monitoring.

Reliabilty with uniform Gaussian beam charateristics.

Improved pulse to pulse energy stability. Not Strongly absorbed by surface corneal fluid.

Minimizes post-operative symptoms like corneal haze and scarring. Closer to absorption peak of corneal collagen. A flying beam spot size of 0.6mm allows for customized ablation profiles.

A closed loop response of detect, adjust and fire greater than 1000 frames per second (1kHz) compensates for eye movement through the use of:
ZTRAK limbal tracking system eliminating the need for pupil dialation and possible decentration issue as a result. A fast pulse rate of 300-400 Hz ensuring quick treatment times.

New solid state faster crystal scan scanning technology.

An intra-operative GAZETRAK which monitors the patients gaze direction during the procedure ensuring the treatment is delivered precisely.

A fast pulse rate of 300-400 Hz ensuring quick treatment times.

New solid state faster crystal scan scanning technology.

ZCAD Surgical planning application generates a unique treatment plan for each eye.

ZCAD custom ablation software designs and refines a surgical plan to correct the optical systems aberrations.

The information includes pupilometry, refraction, topography and wavefront data.

Registration matched 1:1 with corneal position: The Surgical plan is matched to the operative corneal position that ensures accurate treatment.