Jersey Vision Correction was set up in November 2006 at Little Grove Clinic, St.Lawrence, Jersey by Optometrist Dave Baker BSc(Hons) MCOptom.

Dave qualified in Optometry in 1991 and began his interest in Refractive Surgery in 1998 when he worked for a large UK Refractive Surgery provider. He went on to complete a Certificate in Refractive Surgery at the University of Ulster and a year later became a tutor on the course. He has been involved in over 14,000 laser treatments to date.

Dave’s special interest is in pre-operative screening, laser operation and post-operative care. Each patient is carefully assessed using some of the very latest technology available, at the end of this assessment the most appropriate treatment can be recommended for each individual and treatment can then be arranged.

All laser treatments are carried out at Little Grove Clinic in Jersey, pre-op assessments and full aftercare is then taken care in either of the Jersey or Guernsey clinics.

History of Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery developed over the course of one hundred years. Knowledge of the eye in conjunction with sophisticated surgical techniques culminated in many Europeans acknowledging the possibility of radial keratotomy. Japanese doctors in the 1930's also saw this potential. However, it was not until the 1970's Russia that it was actually put to physical test.

A Dr. Fyodorov was treating a young boy. The boy had fallen, and his glasses had broken and cut into his eye. Rather than significantly hurting the boy, the damage was minimal and simply shaved a layer off of the outer surface of the eye. The boy, previously very myopic (nearsighted) had improved vision in that eye. Dr. Fyodorov was intrigued and studied the matter. He published his discoveries, but it was not until American doctors with adequate funding could begin serious research and computer models of the procedure. It was Dr. Leo Bores who brought the procedure to the U.S. after witnessing it performed in the former U.S.S.R.

It was also the Americans who were able to feasibly include a laser in the process. Previous to the laser, radial keraotomy was performed with traditional surgical tools. Though imprecise and not always a success, over 2 million people had the surgery performed before the advent of the laser assisted surgery. It was in 1978 that American doctors realized the potential of the surgery coupled with an Excimer laser. Dr. Srinivasin first used the Excimer laser on other biological tissue, and later Dr. Steven Trokel, an ophthalmologist used the laser on the cornea.

Since its commercial introduction in 1987, over 2 million additional patients of the surgery have experienced significant vision improvement with the help of laser eye surgery.